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How We Serve Fax Providers

The World's Largest Fax Network

etherFAX is building the world's largest fax network - and it's continuing to grow and evolve. The etherFAX partner and customer network provides the most robust and secure solution for document transmission in the fax industry. This means reliability, security, never before seen speeds and built-in redundancy for the fax server provider.

No More Telephony Equipment

Unlike FoIP and VoIP, etherFAX requires less moving parts (as well as providers to manage). Cutting out the need for telephony equipment including fax boards and media gateways as well as the monthly costs of SIP, T.38, PRI, T1, and/or analog connections, IT resources can be allocated to growing your business instead of creating a bigger monetary burden.

A Fax Alliance to Improve Enterprise Communications

Fax server providers play a major role in the transport of business-critical data for industries such as healthcare, finance, insurance and education. Extending your fax server to the cloud provides not only security for the prevention of data breaches, but the opportunity for customers and information technology (IT) professionals to become more innovative.

More information about the fax alliance coming soon.

Extend Your Fax Server to The Cloud

Why etherFAX?

  • Cost effective fax communications
  • Built on Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) network architecture
  • Replaces SIP, T.38 and other analog connections
  • Eliminates the need for fax boards, media gateways and other on-premise equipment
  • Provides a secure, real-time network.
  • Faxes transported via etherFAX remain safe within a customer’s fax server or application.
  • Multi-level encryption - layering technique conceived by the National Security Agency (NSA)
  • Comprehensive information and data security


  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)


  • Through etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN), fax server providers can create a private fax network with 100% guaranteed delivery for their customers.
  • With the etherFAX Analog-to-etherFAX (A2E) device, traditional fax machines can be extended to the cloud and the SEN network for guaranteed security.

etherFAX Provides Insurance to Flood & Peterson’s Fax Communications

Flood & Peterson (F&P) is one of the Rocky Mountain region’s largest insurance brokers. As part of an initiative to virtualize its fax operations and leverage the cloud for transport, Michelle Hoffert, system administrator at F&P, implemented etherFAX with RightFax. F&P installed etherFAX with RightFax in minutes and the company was able to successfully send and receive faxes immediately. Through its infrastructure as a service (IaaS) model, etherFAX leverages a vast array of virtual ports, allowing F&P to securely send and receive high volumes of fax transmissions via the Internet.

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Redefining the Fax Server for the Modern Era

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The key to network security - a network ensuring end-to-end encryption and guaranteed delivery.


etherFAX A2E


Plug-and-play device connects traditional fax machines to the cloud.


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