Enterprise customers and partners use etherFAX technology, network and datacenter infrastructure to support business-critical operations.

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Cloud Fax Network

Utilize the cloud to securely send and receive business-critical documents and information.

  • Eliminate traditional telephony
  • Zero capital expenditure
  • Infinite scalability
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"With etherFAX, all of our fax communications are delivered via the cloud. What is especially attractive is that there are less moving parts. No telecom carrier, fax boards, etc. are required. So as long as we have Internet connectivity, our system will be fully operational, and if there is an issue related to fax transmissions, all I have to do is make a single call to etherFAX."

Michelle Hoffert, System Administrator at Flood & Peterson

Secure Exchange Network

A highly secure network that incorporates advanced encryption and guaranteed delivery.

  • Trusted and secure network
  • Global transport with local points of presence
  • In-network routing
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"If any healthcare information technology solution provider offering a fax server, EMR, EHR, device or application is looking for the next evolution of fax, this is it."

Mark Malone, Industry Analyst at

Legacy Fax Connectivity

Extend fax machines and multi-function printing devices to the cloud.

  • Eliminate the cost of maintenance of fax lines
  • Plug-and-play configuration
  • Never busy in-bound
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"It's all about simplifying the transition to IP-based infrastructure without adding complexity and ongoing maintenance. We have collaborated with etherFAX to deliver a powerful yet simple device to etherFAX-enable traditional fax machines."

Duane Wald, Vice-President Sales of Multitech

Developer Tools

Fax-enable application with the etherFAX Application Program Interface (API).

  • Integrate fax with any application
  • Multi-level security
  • Easy setup and configuration
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"Integrating the etherFAX API with our healthcare application was extremely easy to implement. The toolkit is far more advanced and provides more flexibility than any API offered in the industry. This enables clients to process claims and billing transactions much faster, streamlining the communication between insurers, hospitals and medical groups."

Aaron Goodale, President of Goodale Systems

Business Continuity

Maintain operations during technical failures, high-volume activities, and catastrophic events.

  • Ensure fax operations are always available
  • Manage peak overflow events
  • Supplement on-premise fax infrastructure
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"When our enterprise customer's major telecom carrier went down on a Friday evening, in minutes we were able to light them up on etherFAX and maintain critical business operations. Having etherFAX as part of our disaster recovery portfolio is vital for providing business contiuity to our customers."

Scott Riley, Founder and CEO of One Touch Global

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