An Inside Look Into etherFAX's Marketing Strategies

Aug 22, 2017

As a leader in the telecom industry since 2009, we have worked hard to identify our core messaging and brand identity throughout the years. Our strategic marketing campaigns have helped to grow the etherFAX ecosystem and effectively promote our secure fax solutions to healthcare, financial, insurance, and enterprise organizations.

It should be noted, however, that marketing is not just a series of one-and-done tactical maneuvers. We have blended strong content development, public relations, event planning, website design, and social media strategies together to communicate the value of our services to target audiences. Similar to how millions of connected endpoints make up the etherFAX ecosystem, these individual components of our marketing strategy synergize to create a holistic plan that contributes to accomplishing all of our goals as a company.

Here are some of the ongoing campaigns that we have combined to form our own marketing strategy:

Content Strategy

By developing blog posts, case studies, newsletters, videos, and brochures to integrate into our sales and marketing campaigns, we are able to differentiate ourselves amongst competitors and demonstrate how our unique solution leverages the Internet to manage all business-critical fax communications. We don’t just state that we are redefining fax for the modern era, we prove it through three-dimensional content.

Public Relations

etherFAX has been featured in multiple healthcare technology publications such as Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review, mHealthWatch, Healthcare Management + Technology Today, Electronic Health Reporter, and HealthcareITNews. We are always looking for opportunities to educate healthcare IT professionals on how to protect patient health information and deliver a personalized healthcare experience by utilizing a hybrid cloud fax solution. Presenting our solutions for secure document delivery is now more important than ever – considering sophisticated network intruders and the ubiquity of IoT devices are such high-risk factors.


As we proudly participate in HIMSS – the largest healthcare technology conference in the United States – every year, we arrange an eclectic mix of marketing activities to support our efforts. Branding concepts, booth design, brochures and advertisements all help to maximize our presence at HIMSS. Check out our most recent HIMSS appearance here.

In addition to HIMSS, we also host an annual etherFAX partner summit where we discuss new product solutions, data center expansions, compliance regulations, market trends, and the future of fax.


In 2015, we redesigned the etherFAX website to better represent our brand. This included streamlining the presentation of our services, resources, and solutions; as well as introducing a color design scheme that was consistent with our branding. As visionaries, we strive to keep our website fresh and up-to-date with new content such as blog posts, informational resources, etherFAX solutions, and company milestones.

Social Media

Our social media marketing is fueled by engaging content. We aim to drive conversations on the latest fax technology and industry news with etherFAX customers and fellow telecom veterans via Twitter and LinkedIn.

Springing to Success

As etherFAX continues to expand, the need for more comprehensive marketing services increases. Springboard, a New Jersey-based marketing and public relations agency, has been instrumental in helping us launch and execute several successful marketing campaigns. We look forward to continuing our partnership as we grow the etherFAX ecosystem.

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