Securing Patient Data in a Digital Environment

Jul 18, 2017

While the goal is to enhance the patient experience and improve care coordination, the rise of connected devices can potentially put both patients and providers at risk. Security vulnerabilities can have a widespread negative impact on healthcare organizations and result in data breaches or compromised patient records. Even after a security threat is secured, the aftermath of financial and reputational loss prevails.

As the digital environment within healthcare continues to evolve, proper security procedures must be implemented and consistently upgraded and monitored. A recent report from Ponemon showed that data breaches in the healthcare industry total $6.2 billion annually, with the average cost of a single data breach across all industries totaling $4 million.

More importantly, the safety and security of patients needs to be protected from such threats. Gartner research found that by 2020, at least one major safety incident will be caused by an IT security failure, leading to significant injury.

Creating a positive and personalized patient experience is a top-priority for etherFAX. We understand security is of the utmost importance and enable healthcare organizations, medical groups, and insurance companies to securely transport unstructured data such as patient records, scripts, discharge summaries, medical forms, authorizations, prescriptions, and insurance claims through the etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN). etherFAX SEN is the world’s largest fax network, providing military-grade encryption and hybrid cloud technology for 100 percent secure communications.

According to Gartner, 60 percent of enterprises that implement appropriate cloud visibility and control tools will experience one-third fewer security failures by 2018.

The ease of use and accessibility of fax, coupled with etherFAX technology and the scalability of the cloud, ensures the exchange of protected health information among the healthcare ecosystem is protected. This allows patients to receive high-quality care without compromising their personal information.

Additionally, etherFAX offers a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution that is built for business continuity and works to ensure organizations never experience any downtime. When existing telephony equipment fails, built-in redundancy guarantees fax communications are fully operational. etherFAX DR is ideal for managing high-volume, peak overflow fax operations and protects organizations from technical failures, catastrophic events and natural disasters.

As the increasing amount of connected devices shows no signs of slowing down, it’s vital to protect your health-critical communications. With the ability to securely transmit data between fax servers, EMRs, and EHRs, healthcare organizations can move toward a more progressive and personalized ecosystem – the etherFAX ecosystem.

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