The Evolution of Fax Technology: Enabling Secure, Health-Critical Communications via the Cloud

Apr 25, 2017

Our CEO, Paul Banco, discusses the evolution of fax technology on Becker's Health IT & CEO Review. Read how hybrid fax solutions enable existing fax solutions to leverage the cloud.

"Despite mobile and cloud technologies becoming more prevalent within healthcare organizations, fax is still one of the most trusted document delivery methods available today.

While fax is an engrained method of document exchange within the healthcare ecosystem, it is often hampered by limitations associated with traditional PSTN, severely limited transmission speeds and telephony infrastructure. As a result, hospitals, pharmacies, and insurance companies are subject to communication bottlenecks and must deal with a growing onset of telecommunications incompatibilities.

Fax over IP is an outdated technology and is becoming increasingly difficult to support over many carrier networks. It's time to eliminate the complexities of provisioning SIP, T.38, PRI, T1, and other unreliable legacy transmission systems.

It's time to redefine fax transmissions for the modern era."

Read the full article here.

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