SnapFax Turns Cell Phones into Mobile Fax Machines

Apr 03, 2017

Our partner network continues to provide the largest and most secure solution for document transmissions. Here at etherFAX, we are always proud to share and celebrate the success of our partners and their products.

Extracomm, a worldwide fax, text message and security technologies company, has continued to build upon their success with their new product, SnapFax.

SnapFax is a mobile fax application giving users the ability to quickly and securely send a fax from a cell phone. Users can fax to anywhere in the world, up to 57 countries to be exact, simply by taking a photo or uploading a PDF of the document they wish to send.

Unique features of SnapFax include automatic cropping, de-skewing, and black & white conversion of the image or PDF. Users can even electronically sign their documents and include the exact date and time of signature. SnapFax then confirms fax deliveries by offering estimated times of fax completion along with push notifications.

etherFAX can attest to the convenience and usability SnapFax provides.

“I’ve used SnapFax several times. In one instance, I was traveling and my doctor needed a copy of my insurance card. I simply took a picture of it with my phone and sent it over,” Paul Banco, CEO of etherFAX said. “I was pleasantly surprised that I could do this all from the comfort of my car.”

etherFAX has worked with Extracomm since 2014. By leveraging etherFAX’s patented fax technologies, Extracomm offers the hybrid cloud solution, ExtraFax, for IBM Notes/Domino™ and Microsoft Exchange™.

Whether you are looking to fax to Tokyo or New York – the SnapFax app from Extracomm can make it happen. SnapFax is a cost-efficient and secure document delivery solution for people who need faxing capabilities anytime, anywhere.

We’d like to applaud Extracomm on their innovative products and fax solutions. Together, we continue to expand and evolve the etherFAX ecosystem.

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